Gainesville Apartments with Garage

For many people looking to rent an apartment, townhome, or detached house, having a garage is a desired amenity. Students, professionals, and families all can enjoy having a garage included with their home. There are several benefits to having a garage including security, convenience, and storage, and there are several types available with rentals.






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With a garage, vehicles and possessions stored inside vehicles are significantly safer than parking out in the open, either in a parking lot or in a driveway. Being locked in a garage means your car is less likely to be broken into, vandalized, or be damaged by another driver. Many insurance companies offer lower rates for people who park in a garage, rather than parking in a driveway, large parking lot, or on the street. Also, you can feel safer leaving personal items in your car without worrying about someone taking them. While having your car and possessions be secure is important, having a garage is good for personal safety, especially if you have an attached garage. This way you don’t have to walk across a parking lot at night, you can pull into your own garage and go straight into your home.

Convenience is another reason people seek cheap apartments with garages. While in many community parking lots near UF, spaces are assigned, there is still the possibility that someone will take your space, causing you to have to find a parking spot elsewhere. With a garage, especially an attached garage, you have your own spot. You are protected from the elements, and you don’t have to worry about leaving or coming home in bad weather and getting soaked in the rain. Unloading groceries and carrying things into your home is also much easier when you don’t have to cross a parking lot or even park on the street. Garages are also great for additional storage, especially large items and outdoor or sporting equipment.

While the attached garage, where you enter the garage and can go inside from the garage, is the most preferred, they are typically found more often with townhouses and single-family, detached homes. With single floor dwellings, the garage is in the front or side of the house or townhome. However, to save space, many townhomes and cheap apartments have a garage on the ground floor, and the living area is upstairs, which is something to factor in, especially if you don’t like or are unable to utilize stairs.

Rather than an attached garage, some complexes near UF offer garage spaces that are detached from the house or apartment. Typically, they are assigned, similar to parking spaces and are in rows across from the corresponding home. With detached rows of garages, the tenant frequently has the option of renting a garage space or can utilize free, uncovered parking.

If a complex does not offer either an attached or detached garage, you can inquire if they have available carports, covered parking, or driveways. Driveways are much safer than street or lot parking, and they are great for ensuring your own parking space. Like attached garages, you will typically have a driveway with a townhome or detached house set-up, but many apartment communities have carports and covered parking available which can help protect you and your vehicle from the elements. However, if you are seeking a garage, there are plenty of options in the Gainesville area for you to choose from to find the best apartment for your needs.