Luxury Apartments for Rent

Everyone deserves a little luxury in their life, and Gainesville has plenty of it to go around. While there are quite a few cheap apartments in town, there are just as many that tip the scales with above-average prices. This guide will help you find apartments that make your life easier so that you have the comfort and security needed to maintain your preferred standard of living. While luxury usually comes with a higher price tag, it’s what you get for the money that matters.






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Some apartments may include "luxury" in their names or advertisements without providing much more than you could secure from a lower-priced apartment. In order to find the true luxury apartments, you need to understand what luxury means and what renters typically pay for those upscale features and amenities. From there, you can determine whether you really want a luxurious apartment or you would rather pay a little less for an amenity-rich apartment.

What Does "Luxury" Really Mean?

In the most simplistic of terms, a luxury apartment near UF should offer features or amenities that you can't get with lower-priced properties. Taking that a step further, a true luxury property should offer features and amenities that somehow bring more comfort, convenience or joy into your daily life. They should take a lot of the work and hassle out of your world so that you have more opportunities to relax and really enjoy your life.

For instance, you can find many Gainesville apartments that offer on-property laundry facilities, small swimming pools and fitness rooms with limited equipment. A luxury apartment is likely to offer in-unit washers and dryers, Olympic-sized swimming pools, hot tubs and fitness rooms with state-of-the-art equipment and a few weekly exercise classes.

Many luxury apartments also feature private clubhouses, and some are located on golf courses or close to country clubs. They may offer curbside trash pickup, so you don't have to worry about walking a dirty trashcan down the driveway or carrying trash bags to commercial-sized receptacles across the parking lot. The landscaping is also more elaborate in most luxury apartment communities, so you can take a walk on a private trail or cook dinner on an outdoor grill surrounded by trees and pretty flowers.

What to Expect from Luxury Interior Designs

Luxury apartments aren't all about elaborate swimming pools and immaculate grounds. These apartments should also offer more comfort features indoors. You may have a large private balcony or an expansive deck for private use. Some apartments may include garage space or added storage units. Still others will brag about their vaulted ceilings, crown molding, energy-efficient appliances or features of lava stone, granite and marble.

If a luxury apartment has carpeting, you should expect wall-to-wall carpeting that is thick and soft under your feet. Rather than cheap laminate or glued-down tiles, you should expect thick tile that is just as durable as it is attractive. These small touches are what escalates many apartments near UF from nice to luxury.

Security in a Luxury Apartment

This is just one more area where luxury apartments stand apart from other options in the same general area. Your luxury home should sit behind a substantial security system, and you can find some gated communities in Gainesville for maximum security. Other security options include guards on duty 24/7 or electronic key systems that keep entranceways locked at all times.

Now let's talk square footage. You may assume that luxury apartments are more spacious than lower-priced units, but this isn't always the case. Some luxury apartments are comparable to other units in size, and some are even a bit smaller. It's the features inside the apartment and the amenities offered in the surrounding community that make those units worth their higher price. It costs more to put in granite counter tops and to add crown molding, and that expense is passed on to the renter.

Finding Luxury Apartments in Gainesville

The best way to identify the best luxury apartments in any community is to look at lower-priced apartments first. Once you know what features and amenities are offered at different price points, you'll have the knowledge needed to identify luxury properties that are worth the higher price. If you find that the amenities you need for comfort and convenience are available at a lower price point, you should question whether you really need to pay for luxury after all.

In general, luxury apartments with two or three bedrooms will cost more than $1,000 per month. There are some upscale student housing options as well, and each roommate may pay $800 or more for their space within the shared apartment.

As you browse listings for luxury apartments in Gainesville, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I find the same features and amenities at lower-priced apartment complexes?
  • Will these amenities and features somehow make my life easier, more comfortable or more rewarding?

If the amenities don't blow your other options out of the water or won't improve your life in any remarkable way, you haven't found the luxury apartment for you. The right unit will bring added pleasure that in some way makes your life more enjoyable. This makes the definition of luxury a little more subjective because what you need to live on easy street is probably a bit different from the needs of another person.