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While some people enjoy furnishing their new apartment, sometimes furnishing an apartment on your own is not the best option. For students, people seeking corporate housing, or anyone looking for a short-term living situation, renting cheap apartments that are furnished can be a convenient and cost-effective option. Many furnished apartments include everything from couches and chairs, dining sets, beds, dressers, desks, and end tables and night stands. Some furnished locations go even farther and provide cookware, plates, flatware, lamps, and other home accessories.






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Students at the University of Florida who want to enjoy off-campus living but are just starting out may not have the resources to purchase furniture and necessities for their own place. Not only is purchasing furniture expensive, but moving it into an apartment can be difficult. For students from long distances who are moving to Gainesville, moving furniture is expensive and a hassle between renting a moving truck, loading, and unloading heavy furnishings. Fortunately, many apartment communities near UF geared towards students offer furnished apartments. Either the apartments are pre-furnished, or students can rent a suite of furniture to use in their new apartment.

For people seeking corporate housing and need an apartment for a short-term option, many corporate housing options offer furnished units. If you are living in Gainesville for a temporary basis, there is no need to accrue the cost of either buying furniture for a short period of time just to sell it a few months later, and similarly to college students, moving furniture from home is expensive and inconvenient. Short-term housing that is furnished isn't just for people living in Gainesville for work, though. Finding a furnished apartment is also a great option for people who are in the process of moving, waiting for a house to be built, for example, and don't want to move all the possessions from one house to another then pack up and move again in short periods of time. If you are moving and there is a delay between moving from your old home to your new home, simply rent a furnished home for a few months and move your stuff to a storage unit.

If you are searching for cheap apartments that is furnished, it is important to clarify what is included. Corporate housing and places that are specifically tailored to short-term housing are more likely to have more furnishings and household necessities, whereas some places are likely to just supply the basic furniture and necessary appliances. An added bonus to a furnished apartment is that some, if not all, utilities will be included in the monthly rent. That is also convenient for both students not used to living on their own and for short-term renters.

When talking to an apartment community's leasing office, be sure to find out what the complex supplies when they say their apartment is furnished, and if the furnishings are included in the rent. Some complexes have unfurnished apartments but have collections of furniture available for an additional monthly fee.

While there are many apartment complexes near UF that offer furnished apartments, if you are unable to find a furnished place that meets your needs, you do have options for furnishing your home. If cost is a concern, check out online sale sites, such as Craigslist or buy/sell/trade local pages on Facebook for great secondhand furniture. Furniture that is from a rent to own store lets you make payments on furnishings, and they often deliver, which can be convenient.