Apartments with Internet Included in Rent

For anyone seeking an apartment in Gainesville, one of the highest priorities in the search is ensuring a reliable internet connection is available. Whether you work or do research from home, shop, or connect with others through social media, having internet at home is a necessity in or constantly connected society. Fortunately, many apartment and rental communities do include internet connections.






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The benefits of having an apartment with internet included are numerous. With the cost of internet included in the rent, you can save money. Usually companies charge fees for connection and installation, in addition to the monthly bill, so avoiding those charges is cost-effective. An additional benefit to an included internet connection is not having to worry about setting up service and having to go without until it's connected. From the time you move in to the time a connection appointment is available can sometimes take days or even a few weeks. With an apartment already on a Wi-Fi connection or set up with internet connectivity, you won't miss out on necessary service.

There are different kinds of internet connections available, and some communities utilize different types. The type of internet connection available can affect speed and reliability so it may be helpful to find out what kind of connection the complex offers and see if that will meet your needs. The most common types of internet connections are provided through dial-up, broadband, and wireless.

Dial-up connectivity was one of the first ways to connect to the internet and utilized phone lines and a modem. Dial-up, also known as analogue, only reaches speeds up to 56kbs. It is a very slow connection and very poor quality. Dial-up internet connections are very rare except for in extremely rural areas.

Broadband internet connections are high-speed connections that offer continued service (i.e., not requiring dialing an ISP each time you want to go online) and is generally reliable. Broadband internet connections include satellite, DSL, cable, and fiber. Most often offered in rural locations, satellite is not as fast or reliable as the other three options. DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line, utilizes landline telephone connections to access the internet and can reach speeds of up to 8 Mbps. Cable internet is ran through cable television connections and can support faster speeds than DSL of up to 20 Mbps.

Fiber optic internet directly to the home is a more recent connection option offered in some locations. While DSL ad cable utilize fiber optic lines, it is delivered into the home via telephone or cable connections. However, fiber directly to the home is one of the fastest connections available over long distances and is highly reliable.

Some communities, rather than providing satellite, DSL, cable, or fiber internet, offer free wi-fi to their residents. This is convenient because you won't need any equipment, such as a router. However, there may be issues of lagging or security concerns.

While many rental and apartment communities do provide internet access. We recommend you contact the community to find out how they include internet to determine if it will suit your needs. However, if you fall in love with a community that does not provide internet access, you can often find good discounts on an internet service. Another option is to use your cell phone as a hot spot to connect another device to the internet. This works the best if you have unlimited data with your cell phone plan.