Apartments with Utilities Included in Rent

There are many benefits to finding cheap apartments that have some or all of the utility bills included in the monthly rent. All-inclusive rentals often include water, electricity, gas (assuming the unit is not an all-electric apartment), trash, and sometimes will even include basic cable and internet. The biggest benefits to finding an apartment near UF that has utilities included in the monthly rent include saving money and the issue of convenience.






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Rather than having to pay separate bills for water, electric, gas, trash, cable, and internet, it is often more cost-effective each month to have the utilities included in the rent. Renters at all-inclusive apartments do not have to worry about being late on utility payments or even have to face going without electric or water because it was shut off due to failure to pay. It is much easier to budget monthly expenses when utilities are included because they won't vary depending on circumstances. For example, Gainesville summers require a lot of air conditioning to make a home bearable, but with comfort comes a very expensive electric bill in August that may be difficult to pay.

Because many utility companies require a deposit and/or a connection fee to have the utility connected or have the account put in someone else's name, moving into a new apartment can have a lot of up-front costs. Separate fees for electricity, water, gas, and cable can add up very quickly. However, with an apartment where utilities are included, you only need to worry about the apartment fees such as damage deposit and first month's rent.

There is also a time-saving convenience factor to renting an all-inclusive apartment near UF. Typically, rent is due on the first of the month, but utilities often have different monthly due dates, and it can be difficult to keep track of all of them. Planning out your monthly income to cover bills due throughout the month, scheduling reminders to pay the bills on time, calling in a payment or paying online all takes time and can be a hassle. Even having automatic withdraw can be an annoyance because you have to be sure the money is in the bank on the day it is due.

While an apartment with utilities included can be cost-effective and convenient for anyone, they are great options for students. Typically, students living on their own for the first time don't have a lot of experience with paying several different living expenses every month. Finding cheap apartments in which some or all of the utilities are included makes having your first place a bit of an easier transition to moving out on your own from living with your family or in a dorm.

For people looking for short-term or corporate housing, finding a rental with utilities included is also a great option. It is easier when using a business account or getting a living expense reimbursement to only have to worry about paying rent rather than rent and several utility bills. Also, if you are living in a location short-term, you may not get deposits back on utilities unless you have the account for a set amount of months, so you won't lose money by finding all-inclusive corporate or short-term housing.

If you are interested in finding an apartment in Gainesville with utilities included, there are dozens of great options to choose from. Some communities offer all utilities with the rent, and some just have one or two included. When you contact the leasing office, it is a good idea to ask and find out what is included in the rent.