Gainesville Apartments with Dog Parks

You’re looking for a new apartment, and your dog must feel just as welcome as the two-legged members of your family. This always starts with a search for pet-friendly apartments in Gainesville, but where will you take your dog for daily walks? How can you guarantee that your pet has opportunities to socialize with other dogs?






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You can protect your pet's emotional and physical needs by looking for cheap apartments that offer on-site dog parks. At the very least, you need an apartment located close to a well-maintained dog park. Gainesville is a pet-friendly city with many parks and recreational facilities, so it's not difficult to find a home that fits every member of the family.

Gainesville Apartments with Dog Parks on Site

If you're looking for apartments near UF that offer dog parks as on-site amenities, consider The Bartram Apartments on the southern edge of campus. This complex is located close to the medical school and many of Gainesville's leading medical facilities, including the VA medical center. In addition to the recreational facilities at the apartment complex, you'll have access to the Lake Alice Conservation Area and other university green spaces.

You may also consider the Campus Club apartment complex, which is a short drive from the southwestern corner of campus. The Ridgemar Commons apartment community is located about one mile south of campus and offers a dog park as well.

If you can commute to campus or aren't connected to the university, you might consider the Cypress Glen Apartments, which are located about three miles north of campus near Uptown Village and Gainesville Plaza. Head about three miles west of campus, and you'll find the Hampton Oaks Apartments near The Oaks Mall and Clear Lake Nature Park. Venturing a little further out, you'll find the Legacy at Fort Clarke Apartments approximately five miles to the southwest and the Park Avenue Apartments about six miles to the northwest.

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Gainesville Apartments Located Near Dog Parks

If you're comfortable living close to a public dog park, look for cheap apartments near the Haisley Lynch Dog Park on South Main Street. This is the most popular dog park in Gainesville, and it's conveniently located in the downtown area, just east of the university. You may also look for rentals near the Dogwood Park & Daycare, which is southwest of UF.

Selecting Your Dog-Friendly Apartment

Don't assume that the dog park close to your chosen apartment complex is suitable for your pet. Visit the property to make sure that it is well-maintained and clean. Look at the gates, fences and other enclosures surrounding the park. Look for signs explaining the policies that patrons must follow, and pay attention to the behavior of other dogs inside the park. If this is a public dog park located near the apartment complex, bring your dog along so that they can give their opinion of the park as well.

If you select an apartment complex with a private dog park for residents only, you will need to call ahead and get permission to inspect the park. This is a good opportunity to tour a rental unit and the property in general. Apartment complexes with dog parks often have other amenities as well, including swimming pools, fitness centers and community clubs.

Finally, make sure to ask the apartment complex about their pet policies. You should understand the breed, size and weight restrictions as well as the amount of the expected pet deposit. Most pet-friendly apartments in Gainesville charge between $250 and $300 for the pet deposit, though there are exceptions. For instance, the Ridgemar Commons Apartments charge as little as $150, and The Bartram Apartments charge as much as $400.

Once you find an apartment with a dog park and reasonable policies, make sure that the property will work well for the two-legged members of your family as well. It's sometimes worth paying a higher pet deposit or living close to a dog park rather than having one on site in exchange for amenities that fit your lifestyle.