2 Bedroom Apartments Gainesville FL

Two-bedroom apartments are extremely popular in college towns, and Gainesville is no exception to the rule. Rentals with two bedrooms allow students to split living expenses between two or three people while giving each person their personal space. Small families often rent two-bedroom units as well. If you want to live alone but need space to setup a home office or you have a hobby that requires extra room, you may find a two-bedroom apartment the perfect pick in terms of price and space allowance.






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Two-bedroom apartments in Gainesville range from small, budget-friendly cheap apartments with little space to large luxury apartments with upscale amenities. You may find cheap apartments that don't have air conditioning and then come across a spacious unit with in-unit security alarms and personal washer and dryer connections.

If you think about your answers to the following questions ahead of time, you'll have an easier time sorting through these apartments to find those that fit your budget as well as your lifestyle:

  • Who are you going to live with, and how much privacy do each of you expect to have within the apartment? If you want to live with a roommate but don't know other University of Florida students yet, look for rental companies that offer roommate matching services. You want to get on the list as early as possible so that you have the most options for a suitable roommate and rental unit.
  • If living with a roommate, do you prefer individual leasing or per-unit leasing?
  • How close to campus do you want to live?
  • Are there other areas of Gainesville that you will visit often?
  • What amenities are required for your comfort? Some campus apartments have no amenities while others offer added security, recreational facilities, study centers and clubhouses.
  • Do you want your utilities included in your rent?
  • Do you want an apartment community that offers shared Wi-Fi, or do you feel safer securing a private network?
  • Are you interested in saving money and time by renting a furnished two-bedroom apartment?

It's sometimes difficult to find the perfect apartment in Gainesville, especially in August when most of the rental companies are offering promotions for students. Try to eliminate as many apartments as possible based on your answers to these questions, and then pay a visit to the remaining properties to make sure that you select the right rental unit for your needs.

Two-Bedroom Floor Plans

When designed with a small family in mind, two-bedroom apartments typically feature one bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and a dining room that may or may not connect with the kitchen. Luxury apartments may offer upscale amenities like fireplaces and outdoor patios or balconies. You can find some bedrooms with this floor plan in Gainesville, but you're more likely to find two-bedroom rentals designed with students in mind.

What's the difference? Many student two-bedroom apartments are constructed with roommates in mind, and the goal is to give each roommate as much privacy as possible. These apartments may feature two bathrooms, and the shared living areas are often more spacious with an open design. While other two-bedroom units may place the bedrooms across from one another or lined along a hallway, a student apartment may place them on opposite sides of the living room or with another room creating some sense of separation.

Even if a rental unit has two bathrooms, one of those bathrooms may not attach directly to a bedroom. You may have one bathroom that is accessible for all residents and guests while the other is connected to a master suite. This can create issues if you're living with a roommate, so you will need to discuss who lives in the master suite before signing the lease.

If you spend a lot of time in the bathroom or don't want to share this room with others, you may want to find a Gainesville apartment with bathrooms connected to each bedroom. Many students prefer this floor plan because it gives the sense of privacy and makes it easier to live in harmony with a roommate. Some floor plans may also offer a half bath that is accessible by guests.

Two-Bedroom Apartments Near UF

If you're a student at the University of Florida or you work on campus, there are many advantages to finding an apartment near UF. You can save money by walking or biking to campus and to many restaurants, shopping centers and parks. This also places you in a good area of town to find a part-time job to help pay for those weekend parties or textbooks. You may also find it easier to network with other students if you live close to campus facilities.

There are also some downsides to living near a college campus. For instance, you're likely to experience more foot and vehicular traffic. The noise level may go up the closer you live to campus, and then you may have times when you feel like you're the only person left on earth because the students have returned home for the holidays or have ventured off for spring break.

You should think about your personality and lifestyle when determining how close to campus you want to live. It is possible to find large apartment communities that feel like separate worlds from the surrounding campus. While those rental units often cost more per month, they may give you the privacy and quiet space that you need while keeping you close to UF.