3 Bedroom Apartments Gainesville FL

Shopping for a three-bedroom apartment in Gainesville is a bit different than searching for similar rental properties in other towns. This is a big college town with an active student population, so many of the rental units are designed with students in mind. Students often room together to control expenses and to form a sense of community and safety, and they demand floor plans and leasing options that aren’t necessarily attractive to families with children or professionals searching for large apartments.






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Three-bedroom student apartments near UF may allow residents to pay per room rather than per unit. This means that three students may share an apartment, but they will each pay rent separately. This ensures that roommates aren't impacted if one person in the apartment falls behind on their rent. Individual leasing can also prevent a lot of conflicts that sometimes arise between college roommates.

You may also find that apartments designed with students in mind have more bathrooms and a wider variety of floor plans. These units are often created with the goal of giving each roommate as much personal space as possible. The bedrooms are sometimes a bit larger and often have connecting bathrooms. The living rooms, kitchens and other shared spaces are often more spacious and may have open designs that encourage mingling.

Three-Bedroom Apartments in Gainesville

While you will find quite a few student apartments in this college town, there are some rental properties that cater to families and more mature residents. You can often identify these units by paying attention to the following details:

  • Leasing Options: If you see apartments with individual-leasing options and roommate-matching services, you're probably looking at a community designed for college students. Rental communities better suited to adults and families with children are more likely to offer standard yearly leases that cover the full unit.
  • Floor Plans: Family-friendly three-bedroom apartments are more likely designed to create a sense of community and security. The bedrooms are likely positioned close together, and the bathrooms are less likely to connect directly to each bedroom. Apartments that space out the bedrooms are probably more suitable to students rooming together.
  • Amenities: Student apartment complexes often feature study centers while family-friendly communities may have playgrounds and dog parks. Some apartments will cater to everyone by offering swimming pools and other amenities that residents of all ages will find useful.
  • Location: The closer you are to UF, the more likely the apartment complex is to cater to students. You'll find that students don't only live in cheap apartments. You can expect to live close to students even in the more luxurious and expensive campus housing complexes.

If you look for information regarding these four apartment features, you can easily eliminate many Gainesville three-bedroom apartments that don't fit your needs. This makes it easier to maneuver the massive apartment market in this active college town without missing the best opportunities.

Finding a Roommate in Gainesville

If you want to live in a spacious apartment but can't afford to pay for a three-bedroom rental unit on your own, consider connecting with other UF students to rent cheap apartments. You don't have to know other students personally because many apartments near UF offer roommate-matching services. They will connect you with other students interested in sharing an apartment, and you will each pay your rent individually.

Three-Bedroom Apartments for Families, Professionals

If you look at three-bedroom apartments two or more miles away from campus, you may need to find your own roommates. Apartments located in areas that aren't easily connected to campus by the RTS busing system are more likely designed for families and professionals, so they may not offer individual leasing either.

These apartment communities may also offer more family-friendly amenities like playgrounds, and they're often located closer to elementary, middle and high schools. While you will need private transportation to reach campus, these areas are often more suitable if you have children or just don't want to live close to the action of campus. You're more likely to live close to university professors and working professionals when you live away from campus.

How Will You Use the Space?

Before selecting a three-bedroom apartment in Gainesville, think about how you will use the space. This will allow you to pick the right floor plan for your needs.

For instance, you may want three bedrooms close together with a shared bathroom if you have children. If you want to establish a home office or hobby room, you may want one or two bedrooms in a more private location. If you enjoy entertaining friends, you may demand a more spacious living room or an open floor plan. If you plan to live with roommates, you may want bathrooms attached to each bedroom so that your schedule doesn't interfere with others living in your unit.

Most apartment listings will show you the general floor plan online, but try to visit the unit in person before signing the lease. This will give you a true sense of how large the bedrooms and shared living spaces are, and you will have the opportunity to look at the condition of the appliances or the furniture in a furnished unit.