Apartments on 13th Street Gainesville FL

If you’re a student or employee at the University of Florida in Gainesville, you need to know about 13th Street. This road runs along the eastern edge of campus and extends north and south, connecting the university community to many recreational areas and entertainment venues in other areas of the city. Many students live along this street because they want to walk or bike to campus while maintaining a short commute to midtown attractions. This road is also well-connected with RTS bus stops, so residents can easily reach other areas of Gainesville.






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Navigating the Eastern Edge of Campus

Apartments on SW 13th Street will place you within walking distance of all UF facilities on the eastern edge of campus. The northeastern corner of campus is home to Matherly Hall, Criser Hall and the undergraduate and graduate business schools. Plaza of the Americas, University Auditorium, Carleton Auditorium and Little Hall are in this area as well. You can live near UF facilities by living on SW 13th Street or in one of the many apartments on West University Avenue, which runs along the northern edge of campus.

If you find 13th Street apartments toward the middle section of campus, you may live close to Norman Lawn and Field, the Architecture & Fine Arts Library, Cypress Hall, Broward Hall and Pool, Yulee Pit and the UF Skate Park. This eastern section of campus falls between Museum Road and Inner Road, and you'll find many on-campus dining and recreational options in this area. From the Architecture Lawn to Subway, there are many attractions that keep this region of campus active. The College of Education and Education Library are to the east of 13th in this area.

The southeastern corner of the UF campus is home to Jennings Hall, Jennings Creek and Diamond Creek. The Diamond Village Apartments are the most noteworthy student housing option on this corner, and they place you within walking and biking distance of Shand's Children's Hospital and the UF College of Medicine. There are some popular dining options in this region of campus as well.

The Apartments of 13th Street

If you drive or bike along 13th Street, you'll find a variety of apartment complexes catering to the student population with both luxury and cheap apartments. Most of these apartments will offer individual leasing and roommate matching services, so you can easily find shared living space near UF if you start looking at the right time of the year. It is sometimes difficult to find housing in this area once classes are in session, but you may find available rooms if you call around.

One of the most popular apartment communities in this area is simply called 13th Street. This complex offers spacious luxury apartments located six blocks from campus. The apartments are all-inclusive and give students access to a long list of amenities, including a gym, clubhouse, swimming pool and multimedia lounge.

If you prefer to live near the medical facilities on the southeastern corner of campus, look at communities like Oakbrook Walk or the Wildflower Apartments. If you don't need to live right on campus, you may look further south at apartment complexes like The Retreat or Lakeshore Towers.

If you can't find a suitable apartment directly on 13th Street, consider apartments located on roads further east in this general area. There are even more options on University Avenue toward the northeastern corner of campus. If you prefer to live away from campus, simply follow 13th Street north or south of campus for more luxury and cheap apartments.