Apartments Near UF Medical School

The University of Florida in Gainesville is one of the region’s leading medical, veterinary, dental and nursing training centers. Most of the university’s medical buildings are concentrated on the southeast side of campus in southern Gainesville. Apartments near UF Medical School not only put you near UF, they also put you in comfortable range of Gainesville shopping, recreation and entertainment.






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Many of the university’s medical sciences buildings and treatment centers are located in the Shands Medical Complex near the intersection of Archer Road and SW 13th Street. Hospitals, care centers and education buildings are spread out west along Archer Road. You’ll find a wide variety of apartment communities just east and southwest of the extensive medical complex.

If you’re looking for a small, quiet apartment community, the area southwest of the medical complex on Archer Road is a good place to start. Several of these smaller cheap apartments are located along Archer but tucked away on well-landscaped lots. A few are known for earning high satisfaction rates from their residents and providing space for mature, serious students.

There are also a number of larger apartment complexes southwest of the medical center. Many of these cheap apartments cater to students, providing services such as roommate matching and high-speed Internet. These large developments generally offer varied floor plans, ranging from studio apartments to four-bedroom units. They also tend to have plentiful recreation and well-equipped social spaces.

Directly east of the medical complex across SW 13th Street is another cluster of popular apartment communities. Many of these apartments are luxury offerings bordering Sorority Row. These communities are often made up of townhouses and spacious units with upscale furnishings and amenities.

Living here makes it especially easy to commute by bicycle. Dedicated bike lanes are available on most of Archer Road and east of the medical center.

If you prefer riding public transportation, you're in luck here too. Several local bus routes serve Shands Medical Complex and pick up passengers near area apartment communities. Campus circulator buses are also abundant in the area. If you’re on the east side of campus, you’ll find the Sorority Row circulator buses the most convenient. If you live southwest of the medical complex, Routes 121 and 122 of the campus circulator buses are most accommodating.

From Wednesday to Sunday, you can also enjoy all of downtown Gainesville’s entertainment and dining without worrying about finding a way home late at night. Gainesville’s Later Gator bus lines service both areas around the medical college and near UF.

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Living near UF Medical School gives you quick access to all of the services, entertainment, dining and recreation available on campus. It also puts you close to city hot spots too. Butler Plaza, Butler Town Center and Butler North are just west of this area of campus, near the intersection of Archer and I-75. Here, you can find several grocery stores, craft stores, restaurants, department stores and fast food chains.

By bus, bike or car, downtown Gainesville is just a few minutes away from the medical school area. Whether you want to shop at the downtown pedestrian mall, catch a show at the Hippodrome State Theater or visit the farmer’s market, living near UF Medical School is extremely convenient.