Best Chinese Food in Gainesville

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Best Chinese Food in Gainesville

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You can never go wrong with some mouth-watering Chinese food. Whether it's dine-in or take-out, if you're craving it, try these Gainesville favorites.

Gator Suyaki

This quaint Chinese restaurant offers the perfect blend of quality and quantity. With a lengthy menu full of super tasty dishes, you’ll never be disappointed with what you order here. At Gator Suyaki, you get a lot of bang for your buck. The prices here are pretty cheap and the portions are huge. You can also enjoy amazing dinner and lunch specials that offer a lot of variety and come in cute Bento boxes.

If you’re looking for some good, authentic Chinese food, look no further. This place also has other Pan-Asian fare and some Americanized options for those who may not be as adventurous. The restaurant itself is very cozy and spacious (with lots of parking too) decorated in traditional Chinese decor. There’s also take-out available if you don’t want to dine in -- just call to place your order and it should be ready in about half an hour.

Location: 3830 SW 13th St

Yummy House

Yummy House is a popular chain featuring a lively and bustling atmosphere great for a quick, satisfying meal. The food here is a bit pricey, but it’s usually worth it considering the decently-sized portions and vibrant flavors. This Gainesville location also features a warm and friendly atmosphere with a fun and knowledgeable staff. You can ask for vegetarian options as well.

The choices here are a bit limited, but having a meal family-style with a lot of people is a must; you have to try a bit of everything. Just expect for the place to always be busy -- it’s pretty popular! You can also order online and have your favorite dishes delivered to your door through services like BiteSquad. If you want yummy Cantonese food, this is where to go -- it’s in the name, after all.

Location: 3102 SW 34th St

First Wok of Gainesville

For fresh, fast, and delectable Chinese food, try First Wok of Gainesville. This is a simple, no-frills counter-serve joint located in a strip mall off SW 34th St. One of the best parts of First Wok is their awesome lunch specials that feature scrumptious Chinese options for a low price. When you’re in the mood for some good take-out, order from First Wok. Their staff is always super friendly and super fast. There’s a vast selection of dishes and, usually, orders take no longer than 15 minutes to prepare.

Location: 5168 SW 34th St

China Wok

China Wok is the spot for delicious Americanized Chinese food without breaking the bank. The food is always promptly prepared with fresh, healthy ingredients and bold flavors. You can also expect lots of veggies thrown into chicken and steak options, mixed in with tasty sauce. If you’re looking to dine in, the interior is very clean, bright, and inviting. However, it’s pretty small inside (only 3 tables), so take-out is probably you’re best option. It’s not too expensive and you can always expect to enjoy a good meal.

Location: 5705 SW 75th St

China Bowl

This no-frills restaurant offers fresh, New York style Chinese food at reasonable prices. The staff here is extremely welcoming and friendly, and they always add the perfect amount of spice to every dish. Inside, China Bowl has a cool, relaxing vibe with its interesting decorations and inviting atmosphere. The food here isn’t like any other Chinese place you’ll find -- they have an extra bit of personality, and the New York twist really shows.

Location: 5200 NW 43rd St #506

China Express

Everyone loves some comfort food -- at China Express, you can find the best kind. All of the dishes here are great and the flavors are consistent. Every customer is greeted with a warm smile and the staff is always eager to help you with your choices of cuisine. They have an enormous parking lot, which comes in handy on weekends when the restaurant can be a bit busy. However, service is always fast and the food is always prepared well. You can experience authentic, flavorful Chinese food at China Express and always be sure you’ll be satisfied.

Location: 6250 NW 23rd St #4

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