Best Event Planners in Gainesville, FL

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Best Event Planners in Gainesville, FL

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Every occasion deserves some extra special attention; for the event of a lifetime, contact these event planners in the Gainesville area.

A`vie Events

A`vie has been around for over a decade, making moments memorable for people all over Gainesville. The company was founded by Angela Renick, who first began event planning 25 years ago. A`vie specializes in weddings and corporate and non-profit events, as well as in organizing other events such as birthdays, anniversaries, meetings and more. The team at A`vie is dedicated to perfecting every detail of the planning process and making sure everything goes smoothly the day of the event. Their gallery displays their stunning attention to detail and design. No matter what you are celebrating, A`vie Events will definitely make it special.

Julie Herman Events

Julie Herman is a very experienced and knowledgeable event planner specializing in unforgettable weddings. She is kind, patient, and professional, and shows a great attention to detail in her work. Julie has established great relationships with the vendors in Gainesville, FL and knows where to find the best accents for your wedding; whether that be a cake stand or a place card. Julie will manage everything from locating a venue for coordinating the ceremony. She will even help you plan your honeymoon or destination event. Her team isn’t limited to weddings, however -- she also offers services for anniversaries, baby showers, bachelorette parties, birthdays, and more. Their beautiful website offers an easy way to navigate all the information and lets you view photos from some of their gorgeous events.

My Creations (Natasha Suggs)

Natasha Suggs is a passionate event planner who puts her heart and soul into each moment to make it truly special. She is also extremely versatile in her planning skills. Natasha can do it all; she can be your florist and hairstylist all at once. She has a knack for creativity and will make any event remarkably unique. Her prices are very reasonable considering the awesome quality of her work and she always responds to requests promptly. You can contact her about your event here.

Mercer and Smith Events

The team at Mercer and Smith Events will plan you an elegant, tasteful event that’ll be sure to impress your guests. They are very well-organized and have great eyes for design and decor. Their talent and expertise make the stress of planning a big event disappear. They will always make sure to accommodate your wishes and make your occasion as special as it can be. There is a wide variety of packages available for all kinds of events, personal or professional, so everything will be tailored perfectly. Not to mention, M&S also makes some of the cutest invitations for your guests. No matter how detailed your expectations may be, M&S will surely deliver.

Keith Watson Events

Keith Watson Events is a full-service event production and design company specializing in weddings, social, and corporate events. They offer exceptional services and the team is highly professional and experienced. Their knack for creativity and artistic vision is uncanny and it definitely shows in their masterfully crafted events. They put a great deal of effort into every aspect of a wonderful event: flowers, live entertainment, lighting, draping, decor, and food. The company also has an extensive portfolio with a lovely gallery that really showcases their wide range of knowledge and abilities.

Masterpiece Weddings

At Masterpiece Weddings, your event will surely be wonderful with the help of Rachel and her planning team. Rachel makes sure every little detail is accounted for, from fluffing the wedding dress to adjusting flowers. She is consistently flexible, caring, professional, and friendly, making even the most overwhelming parts of a big day seem like a breeze. A wedding should be everything a bride has always dreamed it would be, and Masterpiece Weddings is dedicated to making every vision come true. The collections start at $850, making services quite affordable as well. You can contact the event planning team about your wedding here.

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