Apartments Near Sorority Row UF

If you want to be near UF and Greek activities, living near Sorority Row is an excellent choice. Located just east of the main part of campus, the Sorority Row area is across the street from Norman Field, and it’s catercorner to Yulee Pit. The neighborhood is also a good option for university students and employees who enjoy quick access to eastern areas of campus such as the Fine Arts Buildings, College of Education and Tigert Hall.






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Sorority Row is also just a couple of blocks from downtown Gainesville and 15 minutes from Gainesville Regional Airport.


With it’s proximity to campus, downtown and the city's main Rosa Parks Transit Station, Sorority Row is a good area to live in if you don’t have access to a private vehicle. Many of the campus circulator buses travel around Sorority Row, including Routes 126 and 127.

Route 126 takes you directly to the university's Reitz Union, and Route 127 delivers you to the campus Hub. In addition to the convenience these routes offer to campus locales, their service to Reitz Union and the Hub provide even greater access to local transit. From these two points on campus, you can hop on a dozen other Gainesville bus routes for easy travel north to The Oaks Mall, northeast to the airport, southwest to Butler Transit Plaza and southeast to the region’s prime nature preserves and recreation sites.

You won’t even have to worry about staying out late at night on weekends and finding a way home. The Later Gator Route A bus line runs from the lively nightlife of downtown Gainesville to Fraternity and Sorority rows. Several regular bus lines also make the late night runs, including Route 1, which makes the trip from downtown’s Hampton Inn to the Norman Parking Garage across the street from Sorority Row. The trip takes less than 15 minutes.

Things to Do Nearby

Sandwiched between the university campus and downtown Gainesville, Sorority Row is the ideal location for quick access to entertainment, dining and shopping. You’re 11 blocks from popular downtown activities such as performances at the Hippodrome State Theatre, festivals and concerts at Bo Diddly Plaza and live music at the High Dive. You’ll find quick retail therapy in the boutiques along downtown’s Union Street Pedestrian Mall and fresh produce and local delicacies at the Wednesday Union Street farmers market.

A couple of blocks west of the neighborhood, the university campus offers up endless entertainment and recreation. The campus’ Broward Outdoor Recreation Complex is about a block away, providing facilities for roller hockey, sand volleyball, skateboarding, basketball and tennis. Farther into campus, you can bowl and play pool in Reitz Union’s Game Room, play squash or racquetball in the Student Recreation and Fitness Center and enjoy a relaxing massage in the campus Training Center. With all of the clubs, fitness classes, competitive sports and intramural teams available on campus, there’s really no end to the recreation you can enjoy nearby.

Similarly, the campus is filled with entertainment and culture. Sorority Row is just a few minutes’ drive from the Harn Museum of Art, Florida Natural History Museum, Phillips Center for the Performing Arts and concerts at the O’Connell Center.


Apartment communities in this neighborhood near UF vary widely, but most are luxuriously appointed and well-suited to students and professionals. One of the unique apartment communities in the area features townhouses with two-story, open-air living rooms and on-site parking garages. Other Sorority Row apartment communities are equally desirable, offering amenities such as large walk-in closets, gourmet kitchens and included high-speed Internet packages.