Top 10 Coffee Shops in Gainesville

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Top 10 Coffee Shops in Gainesville

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Coffee makes the world go ‘round -- it’s no secret. So, when you’re in need of your daily caffeine fix, look no further than Gainesville’s best coffee shops. If you’re looking to get some work done or take a break from it, try out these places.

1. Maude’s Cafe

Maude’s is a classic coffee shop with a retro, artsy ambiance. It’s quiet, spacious, and has a lot of wall outlets for your electronic needs. This place offers awesome coffee, delicious sandwiches, vegetarian options, and an attentive staff. The atmosphere at Maude’s is quiet and relaxed, with lots of students and young business professionals typing away on their laptops or reading thick books. You can take advantage of the free Wifi throughout the entire coffee house, including on the airy, outdoor patio situated next to the Hippodrome. Maude’s also offers an assortment of board games that are perfect for those much-needed breaks. It’s an excellent spot to chill out, relax, and enjoy some hipster vibes.

2. Curia On The Drag

This cozy little cafe is warm and inviting. It features a wide selection of coffee and tea, as well as tasty vegan dishes. The entire menu at Curia is plant-based, so vegans and vegetarians have lots to choose from. It’s also located in its own secluded corner of Gainesville, away from the busy city life. It’s a great place to meet up with a study group or hang out with a few friends. The interior is cool, hip, and laid-back, and they’re always playing groovy music. There is even a vegan bakery and art gallery inside, as well as the occasional pop-up shop outside.

3. Wyatt’s Coffee

If you’re into more of a sleek, modern atmosphere, Wyatt’s is the place for you. This chic and vibrant coffee shop offers cozy seating and nice brews. It can get pretty busy, but people come and go throughout the later hours of the day. So, be sure to come in early and get the best study spot. The inside is minimalistic, nicely decorated, and brightly-lit, which is stimulating for concentration. Wyatt’s menu consists mostly of coffee, but there is a decent pastry selection. It’s a super cute spot in the heart of Downtown to stop by and study, work, or chill out.

4. Coffee Culture

Located right on 13th Street, Coffee Culture is a comfy nook with a hipster vibe that’s awesome to study at. You can grab a bunch of friends and sit on a couch or set up at a table with your laptop and notes. The Wifi password does change frequently, with the store requiring a purchase to retrieve it. However, you won’t regret buying a nice cup of coffee or tea, or even a smoothie. The shop also has computers available for you to use. There’s an excellent variety of baked goods and pastries, including vegan options, that will pair perfectly with any beverage.

5. Harper’s Corner

Harper’s Corner is a new coffee shop in Gainesville -- a lovely gem in the rough, located right across from Lucky’s Market. It has a very quaint and cozy interior with fun, vintage decor and lots of cute seating. Harper’s Corner is really “homey,” so it’s easy to kick back, relax, and zone out with your headphones on. The coffee here is excellent, and there are all kinds of quirky options, like upside-down lattes, toffee nut macchiatos, cafecitos, and foamy matcha lattes. This place also serves up fresh, baked goods homemade with love. Enjoy bread pudding, scones, muffins, cookies, bagels, and even yogurt parfaits. Another cool element of Harper’s Corner is its connection to Urban Thread, one of Gainesville’s best local second-hand shops.

6. Karma Cream

This vegan dream is an organic ice cream cafe featuring an urban, minimalistic design. Karma Cream is pretty small inside, but there are quite a few wooden tables for you to set up at. There’s also a long, bar-style counter that extends across the front window, which allows you sit and work while you take in views of city life. Karma Cream offers some good coffee, tea, and milkshakes. You can also get cups or cones of ice cream, along with vegan pastries and sandwiches.

7. Pascal’s Coffeehouse

Pascal’s is a Christian-themed coffee joint with a library-esque atmosphere. They also serve some deliciously brewed, handcrafted drinks and brain-charging snacks to power through that essay. The inside is a bit rustic and old-fashioned, but it’s very comfortable and spacious. There are two floors with lots of couches, tables, and chairs, and even a fireplace and balcony.

8. Lollicup

This chain offers a bit of an alternative to the quintessential coffee shop. Lollicup serves fun, Taiwanese bubble tea and yummy snacks like mochi and macarons. The staff here is nice, friendly, and always willing to help you decide on which Boba flavor to pick! Lollicup’s options are endless, so it can be hard to make a decision sometimes. You can chill out inside and play some of the board or card games they have available, or catch up on some work. The atmosphere is very inviting, and the twinkling fairy lights give the place a bright, whimsical aura.

9. Volta Coffee, Tea, & Chocolate

Volta offers a unique selection of specialty coffee and teas. The baristas here take great pride in what they do and know everything about anything on the menu. Handcrafted espresso drinks and hot chocolates are the perfect pick-me-ups on a long day. Volta’s assortment of drink and food options may be relatively small, but the items are constantly rotating and you can be sure that there is something for everyone. Inside, Volta is simple and streamlined; there are a big, wrap-around counter serve station and lots of tables and chairs everywhere.

10. CYM Coffee Co

This lively, bustling, cafe offers java, brews, and light eats in a cozy, “reading room” atmosphere. CYM is very comfortable and inviting -- the building actually resembles a home, and the big porch outside strengthens that idea. Customers tend to love the cool, chilled out atmosphere for working and studying, as well as hanging out. It’s perfect if you want to stick around a while, or pop in for a quick cup of coffee.

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