Top 5 Sushi Places in Gainesville

Top 5 Sushi Places in Gainesville 3 minutes 0
Top 5 Sushi Places in Gainesville

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Get ready to pick up your chopsticks and pour on the soy sauce at any of these delightful sushi-centric spots in Gainesville.

1. Dragonfly Sushi & Sake Company

This trendy but classy izakaya, (AKA Japanese pub), serves tapas-style dishes and snacks alongside delicious sake and cocktails. Dragonfly is one of the most popular sushi spots in Gainesville, with its lively atmosphere and creative menu. The selection of sushi, including both nigiri and rolls, are always prepared fresh and pack loads of flavor. There is also a wide variety of cooked options, like chicken and steak sushi rolls, Korean ribs, spring rolls, grilled meat and fish, steamed buns, and so much more.

You can try out a sake sampler that’s made in-house or order one of the fancy cocktails that Dragonfly offers. Always be sure to ask for specials and rolls of the day -- there may even be some secret options that aren’t listed on the menu. There are quite a few seasoned servers and bartenders, so always see what they recommend. Keep in mind that Dragonfly can be a bit pricey and busy, but the taste and experience are worth it.

Location: 201 SE 2nd Ave #104

2. Mahzu Sushi & Grill

Mahzu Sushi & Grill offers a cozy environment to enjoy some of the tastiest sushi in town without breaking the bank. Located off of Williston Road, tucked away in the Publix plaza before the I-95, Mahzu has a quaint, laid-back ambience. Mahzu offers pretty fast service, making it the perfect spot for a quick bite of some tasty, fresh sushi.

This place always uses flavorful, fresh ingredients with some of the highest quality fish around. The menu items are decent priced, and the lunch specials are always an awesome deal. There are even some colorful Bento boxes you can order when you want to try a bit of everything. The staff here is very friendly and you’ll always get your food on time, whether it’s dine-in or takeout.

Location: 5150 SW 34th St

3. Ichiban Sushi

This Pan-Asian joint serves up all kinds of sushi rolls, from the basic California roll to the more extravagant geisha roll. You can be sure that the sushi at this place is always super fresh, with quality fish being restocked every 2-3 days, considering the sushi’s popularity. Each roll is handcrafted and prepared with special care and expertise.

If you’re looking to get more for your money, Ichiban Sushi is the place to go, with its reasonable prices and decent portions. There’s also a great cocktail selection and comfy bar that’s awesome for when you want to grab a couple of drinks with friends. The parking lot can be pretty packed on popular nights, but you can be sure that it won’t be as busy or as expensive as its Dragonfly counterpart.

Location: 4401 NW 25 Pl

4. Volcanic Sushi + Sake

If you find yourself craving sushi while you’re in the Haile neighborhood of Gainesville, check out Volcanic Sushi + Sake. The warm and inviting ambience here will make you feel right at home. It’s a wonderful place for both lunch and dinner and the staff is super welcoming and knowledgeable.

However, the restaurant can be busy sometimes, especially because of its small location, so most people tend to sit outside. Thankfully, the outdoor seating options are lovely, and you can watch the locals take a stroll through the square while you enjoy any of the delicious menu options. There’s more to the place than sushi, so if you’re friend isn’t into it, don’t worry -- there’s something for everyone!

Location: 5141 SW 91 Way, Suite I-101

5. Momoyaki

Conveniently located on SW 13th St, Momoyaki is the ideal sushi spot for a quick bite after being on campus. Choose from a wide range of bento boxes, bibimbap, and sushi and enjoy any of your favorite dishes in a relaxed, quiet, Asian-inspired setting. Momoyaki embodies Korean-Asian fusion and strives to provide an authentic, Asian culinary experience. Wait times are usually pretty short, so come on in and start experimenting with their menu.

Location: 1624 SW 13th St, Suite 1525

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