Best Pizza Places in Gainesville

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Best Pizza Places in Gainesville

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No matter what you’re doing or where you are, pizza is always a good idea. For all the pizza-lovers out there in Gainesville, check out this list for the best pies.

Leonardo’s Pizza by the Slice

Leonardo’s has some of the best pizza in all of Gainesville, hands-down. These huge slices will fill you up and make your mouth water in no time. They offer thin crust, such as the pepperoni, sausage or veggie pizzas, or thick crust, such as the cheese, Big Veggie or Big Leo pizzas.

Service is quick and the pizza is always hot; they’ll put your slice choice in the oven once you order, and really, one slice is all you need. Leonardo’s also has soft, fluffy garlic rolls, tasty, colorful salads, and cold, refreshing beers to pair with your pie. Every day, Leonardo’s has a “slice of the day,” so check its website to see if your favorite slice is being featured.


Going to Satchel’s is an experience like no other. This one-of-a-kind pizza place offers seriously delicious pizza and a cool, eclectic ambiance. Satchel’s is vibrant, cozy, inviting, and unforgettable. With its funky, recycled art and its groovy, live music, you’ll always be entertained.

You can even sit down and eat in quirky places, like an old, tricked-out minivan, under an airplane, and inside a greenhouse. There’s even a playground outside for kids to play. Beyond the cool, eccentric environment, Satchel’s also has some amazing food. Enjoy thin-crust pizzas, calzones, salads, and homemade sodas at this unique pizza wonderland.

Piesano’s Stone Fired Pizza

With different locations all over Gainesville, Piesano’s has a chill atmosphere where you can hang out with a bunch of friends or go on an intimate date. This place lets you customize your pie with a wide selection of classic toppings, as well as other specialty toppings like artichoke hearts and eggplant.

Your best bet at Piesano’s, though, is one of its signature, specialty pizzas. With nearly 30 varieties, Piesano’s has gourmet pizzas that will please anyone. There’s also free house rolls with every meal, but be careful...these are hard to resist and you won’t have room left for the pizza.

Big Lou’s NY Style Pizzeria

Big Lou’s is the closest you’ll get to authentic New York-style pizza. If you’re looking for a quick bite, you can customize single slices with toppings at 40 cents a piece.You can also order any of the 14 specialty pies, like Buffalo Chicken and Bacon Cheeseburger. One of the most popular pizzas is the thick-crust Sicilian pie, which costs a bit extra, but is totally worth it. Make sure to bring some friends because this pizza will be tough to finish. In addition to the New York pizza goodness, Big Lou’s also offers great spaghetti, salads, garlic rolls, and other Italian staples.

Italian Gator

This tiny little nook is the perfect place to get some pizza after a night out at Midtown. Classic cheese and pepperoni slices are usually what people order, but there’s a lot more on the menu. They’ve also got a ton of specialty pizzas, like the Supreme Pie (with pepperoni, sausage, onion, green peppers, and mushrooms) and the Hawaiian Pie (with pineapples, ham, and extra cheese). Still, the best part of this pizza place is its walk-up storefront that guarantees warm, yummy pizza in no time.

Five Star Pizza

This Florida chain is a simple, straightforward, counter-serve pizza place. There’s not much else to Five Star Pizza except, well, the awesome pizza. The pies here are pretty big, and you can pair them with soda, wings, garlic rolls, and other sides. You can also try one of the specialty pizzas, from Philly Cheese Steak to Barbecue Chicken. This place offers pick-up and delivery, but keep in mind that not all neighborhoods are within delivery range.

Blaze Pizza

If you’re in a hurry or just too hungry to wait, Blaze Pizza is the place for you. Even if the line seems long, Blaze bakes all their pizzas to perfection in under 180 seconds. Other than the miraculous cooking time, Blaze’s best asset is its Chipotle-style ordering, which allows you to customize your pizza just the way you like. Even though it’s cool to pick your own pie and watch it be made, Blaze’s specialty pizzas are great too.

Humble Wood Fire

This place is a little bit more unconventional than these other pizza joints because it’s a food truck. On Fridays from 8AM-1PM, at 405 SW 4th Ave, the Humble Wood Fire food truck can be seen hard at work, tossing dough and baking pies. Every pizza is made from scratch, with an emphasis on organic, locally-sourced ingredients. If you’re a vegetarian, Humble also offers some wonderful meat-free options.

Ameraucana Pizzeria

This casual, trendy pizza place features delicious wood fire pizza with a bit of flair. The atmosphere is cozy and modern, allowing for customers to comfortably lounge while they enjoy the great pizza. There is a veranda-style outdoor eating area and intimate seating arrangements.

The fluffy sourdough preparation and the selection of unique toppings make Ameraucana special. Crushed tomatoes, pancetta, portobello mushrooms, and pistachio pesto are just some of the carefully crafted ingredients. You can also enjoy a simple house salad or Greek salad before you dig into your pizza, and if you have room for dessert, you can try the decadent tiramisu or the special. In addition to food, Ameraucana also offers draught beer, wine, and imported sodas.

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