Best Dog Parks in Gainesville

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Best Dog Parks in Gainesville

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Your dog deserves the best, especially during play-time. When your pup needs somewhere to run around, dig some holes, or play a game of fetch, these are the perfect parks in town.

Squirrel Ridge Park

Located on Williston Road, Squirrel Ridge is a spacious, grassy park with an amazing off-leash area for your pooch. This dog park is especially popular, so if you want your dog (and you!) to make some friends, it’s definitely worth checking out. One of the greatest features of the dog park is the separate sections for large and small dogs. This is the best if you have a smaller dog or puppy who may get intimidated or overwhelmed by a larger dog. The entrance is double-gated as well, ensuring extra safety. The dog park area also has a ton of kiddie pools and water stations for your dog to cool off and splash in. There are also baggies provided to pick up after your pet. If your pup gets thirsty, there’s drinkable water for them too.

In front of the dog park area, there’s a large expanse of grass where many people play soccer, rugby, and other games. A playground is nestled in the back and there is even a shaded, memorial trail with cute benches and commemorative garden stones. You can bring your pet around here, too, if your looking for more of a chilled-out walk, but make sure to keep them on a leash!

Location: 1603 SW Williston Rd

Dogwood Park

Dogwood is a private park that spreads across 15 acres of land, providing lots of space to run and play. The abundance of trees gives the park a real woodsy feel without hazardous ground growth. There are two, big ponds that are lovely for swimming, splashing, playing, and cooling down. You can watch your dog have fun from any of the gazebos, chairs, picnic tables, hammocks, or swings on the property. This dog park is especially safe, and its “members only” policy ensures that all dogs are vaccinated and well-behaved.

Every individual who wishes to become a member must register and provide proof of their dog’s vaccinations. There’s a one-time set-up fee, and from there, you’re responsible for a monthly payment. You’ll receive a key fob that’ll open the front gate and let you in 7 days a week from sunrise to sundown. Their website details the various membership programs you can choose from.

Even though it is a private park, Dogwood is open to the public. Visitors may use the park by going through the front office during regular office hours. All visitors must present proof of rabies and male dogs over 7 months old must be neutered. There is also a $12 +tax day use fee that is credited towards a membership if you sign up on the day you visit. Not only does Dogwood offer wonderful grounds for your pup to explore, but it also features a Doggie Day Care and Family Style Boarding. These services require a separate application, proof of vaccinations, and a 3-hour scheduled trial visit; park members are offered these services at a discounted price too.

Location: 5505 SW Archer Road

Possum Creek Dog Park

This is a great spot for furry friends to run and play. Like Squirrel Ridge, Possum Creek’s dog park has two separate areas for large dogs and small dogs. There are paddling pools and doggie drinking fountains in both sections to keep your pup refreshed. Pets can roam freely on wide stretches of grass, or play in sandy areas in the large dogs’ area. Both sides of the park are a good size with plenty of room to have some fun. Most visitors appreciate the clean, well-maintained park grounds and the pleasant scenery. Outside the dog park, there’s a lot more space to explore. There are a playground, skateboard ramps, covered picnic areas, benches, restrooms, and walking/biking trails.

Location: 4009 NW 53rd Ave

Forest Park

Forest Park is small and cozy, offering just the right amount of space for the activity of your choice. Besides the multitude of basketball courts and the awesome soccer field, Forest Park features a decent-sized off-leash dog park. It’s a big, fenced-in patch of grass with lots of shade and a friendly atmosphere. Dogs love to explore the more “forested” areas of the park and dig holes in the sand. This is also a cool spot to go jogging with your pet if you want to do some exercise together.

Location: 4501 SW 20th Ave

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