Theaters in Gainesville

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Theaters in Gainesville

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Make plans to catch a flick or view a performance at any of these wonderful Gainesville theaters.

Regal Cinemas

There are three Regal Cinemas movie theaters in Gainesville. They are the go-to places to watch any of the latest movies. The one located on Newberry Road is a very warm and inviting theater. Although there aren’t any reclining chairs in the theaters, the seating is still pretty comfy. The temperature inside is always balanced -- not too cold, not too hot -- and the facilities are very clean.

There’s also a wide variety of concessions, including popcorn, candy, nachos, soda, frozen drinks, and even alcoholic beverages. Regal Cinemas shows all the newest and most popular movies. The vibe here is also super retro, with the main entrance lit up with neon lights, and a patterned floor that takes you back to the 90s.

The theater located at Butler Town Center has been recently revamped and is very clean and comfortable. The seats at this theater are large, leather, plush chairs that can recline with the push of a button. The friendly staff serves hot and fresh concessions. There’s also great security to make you feel safe. Feel free to order tickets online and pick your seats or pick your seats at the ticket window.

A new theater has opened at Celebration Pointe, a new area in Gainesville. Like the Butler theater, this cinema has reclining leather seats. However, this theater boasts a full bar! It's got a large parking garage, making it easy to rush in to catch a movie. Outside the theater at City Walk, you can find lawn games, restaurants, and the occasional live entertainment.

Hippodrome State Theatre

“The Hipp” is a Gainesville icon, emanating from a rich culture and history in the heart of the city’s downtown. Local actors founded the theater in 1973. It has been standing strong ever since. The Hipp Cinema is always screening independent, foreign, and classic films, and serves as Gainesville’s only art-house cinema. You can expect to see the latest independent films, profound documentaries, critically acclaimed world cinema, Old Hollywood classics and other signature programming throughout the year. Visit the theater’s website to view showtimes and buy tickets.

Besides movies, The Hipp also features plays and other live theater performances. Not only is The Hipp Gainesville’s only art-house cinema, but it is also Gainesville’s only professional theater. Local actors regularly perform at The Hipp in creative and groundbreaking plays and musicals. The old, historic feel to the building really adds to the theater’s atmosphere and amplifies the audience’s enjoyment.

Gainesville Community Playhouse

The Gainesville Community Playhouse is one of the oldest community theaters in all of Florida. They premiered their first play in 1927. Each year since then, the GCP group produces lovely plays and musicals to perform throughout the season. In 2006, the playhouse moved to their current venue, the wondrous Vam York Theater, which is a 210-seat house with a stage perfect for the most demanding performances. GCP is a great place to enjoy family-friendly productions and get involved with the cast and crew. You can contribute to the art by visiting their site to learn more.

The Acrosstown Repertory Theater

This undeniably unique theater is truly something to experience. The structure itself resembles an ornate monastery, with grand, vaulted ceilings built almost entirely out of wooden beams. Performances here are also one-of-a-kind, and typically give off a vibe of days gone by. The theater is run by members of the community who are dedicated to producing and providing a free space for artistic visionaries. Its simple black box theater setup accommodates all kinds of fun and engaging performances – from murder mysteries to burlesque shows. The venue is undeniably enticing, and a perfect place to enjoy a show while sipping wine and eating a snack.

The Actors’ Warehouse

The atmosphere at The Actors’ Warehouse is very personable and intimate. Founded in 2011, this theater has been an enterprising project made possible by the support of community members. The theater recognized the need for more theatrical diversity in casting and programming in Gainesville. Committed to providing a safe space for artistic expression, The Actors’ Warehouse’s mission is as follows: “Actors' Warehouse entertains, inspires and fosters critical thinking through the performing arts while bringing diversity programming, social justice and public health to the forefront.” This theater has great actors, cool sets and a wonderful environment. It's definitely worth attending a production.

University of Florida & Santa Fe College

Both the University of Florida and Santa Fe College often host live shows performed by students at theaters on campus. Visit UF’s website for the School of Theatre + Dance and Santa Fe’s website for Fine Arts Performances to see what students are working on at the moment.

There's also a movie theater within the J. Wayne Reitz Union at UF. The theater doesn't show new releases like Regal does. However, they show relatively recent movies for a lower price. They primarily have showings on the weekends. You can always expect a movie to go along with Gator Nights, which takes place on Friday nights when class is in session. You can check the Union's calendar events for details on what movies are showing.

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