Apartments on 39th Ave Gainesville FL

You’ll find 39th Avenue approximately three miles north of the University of Florida campus in Gainesville. Most students living along this road have private transportation or depend on the RTS busing system, since the area isn’t within walking distance of the university. This region of town is more popular with families, professionals and adult singles with no ties to the university, and it is a more family-friendly alternative to housing near UF. If you want to live away from the action near UF in an area that is oftentimes quieter, you may want to consider 39th Avenue apartments.






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Commuting from 39th Avenue

You can drive south to University Avenue on the northern edge of campus in less than 10 minutes from many apartments on 39th Avenue. That commute time may increase during periods of heavy traffic, and you will need additional time to make your way to on-campus parking areas and walk or bike to your final destination.

If you depend on public transportation, expect to spend up to an hour riding the bus to campus. Depending on where you live along 39th Avenue, you may need to transfer to a second bus before reaching the university. The good news is that this road is well-connected to RTS buses, so you can reach most areas of Gainesville with the right bus connections.

Beyond the University – What's Near 39th Avenue?

One perk to living a few miles from campus is easy access to some of Gainesville's best recreational facilities and entertainment venues. Some of the apartments on 39th Avenue will place you close to popular attractions like the Ironwood Golf Club, Hogtown Creek Headwaters Nature Park, Greentree Park, Springtree Park and the Flatwoods Conservation Area.

You may also want to look at 39th Avenue apartments if you want to stay close to the Gainesville Regional Airport, the Alachua County Fairgrounds, the Alachua County Jail or a variety of churches and preschools. This road is also dotted with restaurants and retail stores, making it easy to find employment.

Many families are attracted to this area of Gainesville because it keeps them within a reasonable commute to the university while allowing easy access to public schools for their children. Some of the schools in this area include Glen Springs Elementary, Stephen Foster Elementary, Genesis Preparatory School and Buchholz High School. There are also some preschools and a few churches along this road.

The Apartments of 39th Avenue

You're less likely to find apartments offering roommate matching services or individual leasing when you look at units more than two miles from UF. While students are still found mixed in with the families and professionals of this area, they often have to follow standard rental contracts that don't cater directly to students. If you will commute to UF regularly, there are a couple of advantages to living a few miles off campus:

• More residents have private cars in this area, so it's easier to find apartments with garages or covered
parking lots.
• These apartment communities are often family-friendly, so they're more suitable for children.
• You're less likely to deal with heavy foot traffic, rowdy late-night parties and noise from bars and pubs
because you're further from the nightlife of campus and midtown.
• You may find more affordable or cheap apartments. Many student apartments are high priced because they offer a long
list of upscale amenities that you won't get with cheap apartments away from campus.

You may also find that it's easier to locate available rental units on 39th Avenue year-round, since you aren't competing with as many students. Just keep the commute time in mind if you do intend to commute to UF.