Apartments Near UF College of Dentistry

The University of Florida College of Dentistry is located on the southeastern corner of the Gainesville campus. It sits on NE State Road 24, and the nearest crossroad is SW 13th Street. Other campus facilities in this immediate area include the College of Public Health and Health Professions, the College of Medicine and the Communicore Building.






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This region of campus is known as the medical wing because most of the medical facilities for the university and the overall city are positioned in the area. This includes the Shands Children's Hospital, the Malcolm Randall VA Medical Center, UF Pediatric Specialists, Shands Medical Plaza Radiology and the UF Health Medical Plaza. Many of these facilities are located a short walk or bike ride from the dental school on NE State Road 24. This road is also known as Archer Road and runs along the southern edge of campus.

Finding Apartments Near the Dental School

There are a few cheap apartments located just south of the UF College of Dentistry, including the Williamsburg Village Apartments, The Bartram and Country Gardens. You will also find the Diamond Village Apartments on the corner of SW 13th and Archer. This is a large community that offers the closest rental units to the dental school.

For additional housing options, look along SW 13th Street. There are many communities along this road, and even more are found on the streets just east of 13th. Most of these rental companies cater to the student population, so they are likely to offer roommate-matching services and to feature floor plans that are suitable for students sharing space and living expenses. The communities with the most amenities and the most spacious floor plans are likely to charge more per room, so living near UF isn't always your most economical option.

Commuting to the College of Dentistry

If you have personal transportation or you don't mind using public transportation, you can find apartments south and east of the dental school. If you're in town, take a drive along Archer Road and SW 13th Street to find many of your options. There are some cheap apartments as well as some luxury apartments located within three or four miles of the school. This keeps you within a 15-minute commute of the campus while opening up more housing options.

The further you travel from campus, the more likely you are to find apartment complexes that cater more to families and professionals than students. This means that you'll have more access to elementary, middle and high schools in addition to parks and restaurants that are suitable for family life. Apartments away from campus are often quieter, though they aren't as convenient to the nightlife surrounding the university.

It's important to think about your preferred lifestyle when selecting an apartment near the UF dental school. You can live near UF and enjoy an easy walk or bike ride to class, or you can live further out and enjoy a quieter living environment with easier access to Gainesville parks, restaurants, retail stores and recreational areas. Whatever you choose, Gainesville is an exciting city that will allow you to lead an active lifestyle with or without a personal car.