Apartments Near UF College of Business

Are you moving to Gainesville to attend the business school at the University of Florida? If so, it’s to your advantage to live close to the business school facilities. This will save you a lot of time commuting to and from classes, and it will give you the advantage of living within walking or biking distance of many campus recreational facilities. The business school is conveniently located to many green spaces, retail stores and dining options, so you don’t need personal transportation to live in this area of Gainesville comfortably.






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Commuting to the UF School of Business

The Warrington College of Business and the Hough Graduate School of Business are located in the northeastern corner of the Gainesville campus. The buildings are close to the intersection of University Avenue, NW 13th Street and NE State Road 24. Other university facilities in this area include Matherly Hall, Criser Hall and Little Hall. There are also some entertainment and recreational facilities in this corner of campus, including Plaza of the Americas, Century Tower and the Architecture Lawn.

If you decide to drive to campus, there is a parking lot near Criser Hall. If you rely on public transportation, there are bus stops along University Avenue and 13th Street. Additional stops are located in front of Walker Hall, Tigert Hall and Anderson Hall. All of these stops will leave you within minutes of both business school buildings. If you prefer to walk or bike to classes, look for apartments near UF on 13th Street or on University Avenue.

Apartments Near the UF Business School

If you select an apartment close to 13th street or University Avenue, you will have the advantage of living in a student-oriented apartment near UF. These rental properties typically offer individual leasing, which means that you will maintain responsibility for your room rather than for the entire apartment. If a roommate is unable to pay their rent, their financial struggles won't put your housing arrangement in jeopardy.

Most of these cheap apartments also offer roommate-matching services, but it's important to get on the matching list as early as possible. This will maximize your chances of being placed in an apartment with suitable roommates. You also have the option of connecting with other students and then applying for an apartment together.

Some of the apartments closest to the business schools include The Courtyards, Union Street Apartments, Centro Luxury Apartments, Looking Glass Apartments, Trimark Properties and Circa Properties. Many of these communities offer a long list of amenities that make student life more enjoyable. Look for rental units with access to swimming pools, fitness facilities, study lounges, multimedia rooms and fire pits.

Student Apartment Floor Plans

When looking at student apartments, take the time to look at the floor plans. Many apartments in this area of campus will feature bathrooms that connect to each bedroom. In units with four bedroom and bathroom combos, the units are often referred to as quads. These units are designed specifically for roommates and will offer the most privacy while allowing you to share expenses with other students.

Many students look for cheap apartments in this corner of campus, so the area isn't reserved just for business students. Make sure to start looking as early as possible to improve your chances of getting the best unit for your budget and lifestyle.