Apartments in Gainesville FL Under $600

Gainesville has a diverse rental market that offers something for every resident regardless of budget. You may look at a small apartment with no amenities one day only to find yourself walking through a luxury apartment with walk-in closets, a gourmet kitchen and a private security system the next. There are apartments falling in between these extremes as well, and that’s where you’ll find most rentals listed for less than $600. This isn’t quite a luxury budget, but it can still buy you a nice studio or one-bedroom apartment reasonably close to UF.






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Student Apartments Under $600

It's not difficult to find apartments near UF renting single bedrooms for $600 or less. These rentals often offer individual leasing, you will only remain responsible for paying your share of the rent. If a roommate falls behind on rent, you won't risk eviction along with them. These apartments are typically found within two miles of the university, and they often come with on-site amenities that cater to the student lifestyle. Some of these amenities may include:

  • Swimming pools
  • Hot tubs
  • Fitness centers
  • Study centers
  • Fire pits
  • Community grills
  • Sporting courts

Luxury apartments that don't offer individual lease options will charge a lot more than $600 per month if they come with these amenities, but students can take advantage of more reasonable room rates when sharing with other students. If you don't have roommates in mind, you can take advantage of roommate-matching services through many apartment communities.

If you don't want to live with roommates, you can look for studio units or one-bedroom apartments that may charge less than $600 per month. You can expect fewer amenities with these properties unless your studio is located within a larger community packed with recreational options. Small apartments within this price range are easily found in the downtown area as well as in some areas within a reasonable drive of UF.

Apartments Under $600 for Professionals

Many professors and university staff members choose to live in student-oriented apartment complexes. This gives you access to the same list of amenities enjoyed by student residents and keeps you a short walk or bike ride from the nightlife of Gainesville. A fast commute to campus is another perk to student housing located near UF.

If you don't want to live near your students or prefer to stay in a much quieter area of town, you can find many affordable apartments in the downtown area. If you venture more than a couple miles from campus, you may live closer to upscale communities with older residents and easy access to public schools for younger students. You will have a longer commute to UF, but these apartments are often close to large parks with walking trails and other recreational opportunities.

If you aren't concerned with the commute time to the university, you may find many apartments within this price range that are close to The Oaks Mall and some of the city's biggest employers. You can select an apartment that fits your budget as well as your professional ambitions, and Gainesville is small enough that you can reach the campus within 30 minutes from most areas.

Family-Friendly Apartments for $600 or Less

If you're married or you have children, you may want a rental that feels more like a home than just an apartment. This budget won't allow you to rent a large apartment, and many luxury units will cost more than $600 even for just one or two bedrooms. The good news is that there are some budget-friendly apartments with two or three bedrooms that rent within this range. You just might have to look further from UF to find the best units for your lifestyle.

Start by looking at apartments located close to elementary, middle and high schools. Many of these units are designed with families as well as students and professionals in mind, and they can give your children easy access to their schools. You may also want to look for rentals close to city parks with playgrounds or near large dog parks.

In addition to apartments, you may want to look for townhouses renting within this price range. These units often attract older residents and may give your family more space than a small apartment.

Utilities & Furnished Apartments

Before you determine your maximum budget for an apartment, consider the added cost of utilities and furnishings. If you opt for a furnished apartment that includes utilities in the rent, you may find that your budget stretches a bit beyond $600. If you pay for these expenses separately, you may need to look for apartments more in the $500 range.

Finding the Best Deals

As is the case with most college towns, you can get discounts on move-in expenses by shopping in July and August. Gainesville is flooded with students looking for accommodation at this time, and many apartment managers take advantage of the high demand for rental units. This is also the best time to apply for roommate-matching services because there are more units available and more students looking for housemates. You should check with the apartment complex to determine the best time to put your name in for matching.