Finding an Apartment in Gainesville

With all the new apartment construction going on in Gainesville, your options for where to live are growing! So how do you choose?

We’re here to make the experience of choosing an apartment easier, simpler, and more effective. We’re doing this through a local-focused approach that the large apartment search engines can’t match.

Given that so many residents in Gainesville are dependent on the University of Florida & Santa Fe College, our search experience can be tailored specifically for those looking to live close by, whether that’s behind midtown off Archer road, or anywhere in between. Or maybe you’re looking to get away from the university scene! There are many non-student options around Gainesville for those looking for the alternative to primarily student apartments.

Gainesville Apartment Hunting Tips

Any apartment hunting website will let you do some basic research on the various options you have, like where they’re located, what their pricing is, and what floor plans are available. But how can you go above & beyond in order to find the perfect apartment?

Here are some questions you can ask to get other answers that are important in your decision making process:

  • How far are they to the University of Florida or Santa Fe College campus?
  • Are there RTS bus stops nearby? If so, what are the bus routes I need to take to campus, and how long will it take me to get there?
  • Are pets allowed? If so, which breeds? Are there any associated fees or a required deposit?
  • Are there designated quiet hours? Are there any fees for using any of the community spaces?
  • Do you get a parking spot? Is it included, or is it an additional cost?
  • What is their guest policy? Can guests park at the apartment, or nearby, without hassle?
  • Do they require renters insurance?
  • Is there a move-in fee? What about an application fee?
  • What is included in the monthly rental fee? More importantly, what isn’t? Think: utilities, internet, waste disposal, etc.
  • Is maintenance available 24/7? If so, what is their typical response time?
  • What’s the security like? Is it gated, or do you need a key pass to get into the building?
  • What would it take to break the lease?
  • In what circumstances would your security deposit not be refunded?
  • Does an outside company manage the property? What have past tenants said about them in online reviews?
  • If the apartment has any on-site facilities like a gym, what are their hours?
  • When is rent due, and how harsh are the late fees?
  • If you may graduate early, what is their policy on subletting?
  • Is there any nearby construction going on, or other causes for concern in terms of noise?
  • What are some reasons not covered above that either made your renting experience great or poor for you or any of your friends in the past?

The more questions you ask about an apartment, the more informed you’ll be when it comes to making a decision. On the surface, there may not look like there’s a lot separating a group of apartments from one another, but the more you dig, you’ll realize there is a LOT that can make or break your future living situation.

About, a Gainesville-Based Company

We’re a startup. We’re constantly trying to raise the bar. As a result, we’ll be making consistent updates & improvements to your search experience in the form of new apartment listings, better supporting information about each, unique photography, transportation help and much, much more.

While we’re interested in creating a successful company here in Gainesville, we’ll also be heavily investing in supporting the local community. That’s why we’re prioritizing early projects like public transportation and animal welfare. We’ll be continuing down this path as we grow, and look to work closely with both public & nonprofit organizations in Gainesville & Alachua County.

We have a lot of ideas for how to improve the apartment hunting process, but we want your ideas, too. If you think there is something we can do to better improve this experience, let us know via our Contact page.